REAL American Barbecue

In the spirit of the cooking shows Hartglass & De Mattei grew up watching on public television— with a little bit of ‘Lucy & Ricky’, and the silent movies added…

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Healthy World Burger

Everyone loves a good burger. These are the best veggie burgers we have ever had! Ingredients 1 cup cooked millet ½ cup cooked black rice ½ cup cooked red rice…

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What Vegans Eat – Day 504: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: We are now at our second destination during our extended Bay Area stay – housesitting at Gary’s sister and brother-in-law’s home. Breakfast in the backyard is especially lovely; it’s quiet and fragrant. We found “our teapot” (the one we…



Aguas Frescas


Here’s a great recipe for colorful drinks made from whole fruits. The meaning of the Spanish words – Aguas Frescas is “fresh waters’ and Aguas frescas traditionally are a combination of fruits, cereals, flowers, or seeds blended with sugar and…

Global Community Kale Salad


Urban garden-grown veggies come together with a tropical fruit salsa to create this beautiful dish. Ingredients 1 head of kale, stems removed. 1 ½ cups corn kernels, fresh or frozen 2 yellow, orange or red bell peppers, seeded and finely…


Jo Stepaniak and Julie Gueraseva


  Part I: Jo Stepaniak, Low-FODMAP and Vegan Jo Stepaniak is the author and coauthor of more than two dozen books on vegan cuisine, health, and compassionate living. Having struggled with IBS for decades, Jo knows what it’s like to…

Annie Mohaupt, Mohop Shoes


Part I: Annie Mohaupt, Mohop Shoes Annie Mohaupt is the founder and CEO of Mohop, a Chicago-based footwear manufacturer. Mohop combines advanced 3D fabrication technologies with traditional artisanal techniques to produce custom-on-demand shoes for women and men. Mohop has been…