ASK A VEGAN Program Archive from April 2010 to April 2011



4/17/11: Caryn teamed up with Alan Roettinger to discuss bathtub gardening, the upcoming Easter and Passover holidays and answered listener questions about where to buy quality organic chocolate and radiation-free vegetables. LISTEN

4/10/11: Spring is here and that means outdoor activities. Caryn talks about foods to pay attention to at Spring events like picnics and barbecues. She talks about the sodium content and nutrition in hot dogs, burgers, buns, cheese, frozen vegetables and Ensure. Spring is the time to start gardening, including terrace gardening to grow herbs – foods with nutrients and flavor to help avoid salt. She also talks about cheeses with rennet not being vegetarian. LISTEN

4/3/11: Caryn commented on the answers to a recent segment on Dr. Oz, regarding his Crankiness Remedies, she continued her discussion on why we need to avoid all types of salt, including sea salt and other specialty salts and she answered questions on preparing kale, tempeh, storing cut avocados and buying produce from other countries. LISTEN

3/20/11: This show cover a range of topics including: the issues behind eating plants versus animals; for Purim – vegan, gluten-free Hamantashen cookies and the wonders of xanthum gum; for St. Patrick’s day – great things to do with cabbage; the New York Health Department’s new report on salt.

3/13/11: Caryn Hartglass and Alan Roettinger team up to talk about agave and other sweeteners, gluten-free cooking, the ingredients in Girl Scout cookies and much more. LISTEN

3/6/11: Oatmeal, normally a healthy food, is not always what it appears to be, as when served up by McDonald’s, Starbucks or even Quaker Oats. Caryn reviews the added unhealthy ingredients to oatmeal served by these establishments. In honor of National Frozen Foods Day, she discusses healthy foods to keep in the freezer. She discusses the NYC ad campaign regarding sugar in beverages, foods that can cause arthritis and the wide variety of gluten-free pastas available. LISTEN

2/27/11: Caryn talked about fats – which ones are healthy and how to avoid using oil. She discussed questions about B12 and omnivores versus herbivores. One caller asked how to prepare plantains. LISTEN

2/20/11: Caryn talked about different diets: Atkins and others. She took called from several callers about with varying opinions on eating meat, for and against. She recommended a fun site to monitor how many calories and nutrients you are getting from the food you eat. She discussed vegan sources of protein, microwave oven safety and how vegans can live with non vegans (especially big meat and potato types). LISTEN

2/6/11: Caryn along with Alan Roettinger talk about great recipes for a special Valentine’s Day dinner at home. They talk about exercise that they enjoy, running, yoga, walking, biking. LISTEN

1/30/11: Caryn spoke about the Oprah’s new one week vegan challenge, vegan versus the aware omnivore, the link between dairy consumption and breast cancer, exercising in the winter and healthy meal suggestions with different types of noodles. LISTEN

1/23/11: Caryn covered a variety of topics including GMO alfalfa, commercials that promote unhealthy eating, getting organized in the kitchen and animal ingredients in medications and supplements. LISTEN

1/16/11: Caryn gives suggestions on how to boost the immune system to avoid coming down with the flu this winter. She also provides healthy, comforting food and beverage tips if you do get sick. LISTEN

1/9/11: Alan Roettinger joins Caryn Hartglass in this show. They discuss the work by Temple Grandin, Animal Welfare versus Animal Rights. One listener asks for suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Caryn talks about her favorite oatmeal waffles. Alan describes his smoothies. LISTEN

12/12/10: Caryn, along with Alan Roettinger talked about people’s confusion regarding soy foods, including which soy foods are healthy and which ones should be used infrequently. Caryn discussed a listener’s request for tofu scramble recipes. They talked about things to keep in mind when preparing meals for large numbers, how to cook with oil and using flavored vinegars. LISTEN

12/5/10: Caryn talks with registered dietician Mark Rifkin about eating healthy throughout the holidays and how to avoid weight gain. LISTEN

11/21/10: After just seeing New York City Opera’s production of Bernstein’s “A Quiet Place”, Caryn discusses how we need to take responsibility for our actions today and realize what their impact may be in the future. She connected the troubled family’s story in the opera to decisions we all make regarding our food in our daily lives which can have devasting long term effects. In time for Thanksgiving, Caryn talked about being mindful of where our food comes from, going in detail about how a potato goes from the farm to our plates, comparing the agribusiness porcess to a local, organic farm. She also discussed the dangers of french fries and potato chips which contain high amounts of acrylamide.

11/14/10: In time for Thanksgiving, Caryn talks turkey. She discusses the sad plight of turkeys in factory farms and offers up great plant-based alternatives for the holiday meals. LISTEN

11/7/10: Still having a hard time avoiding cheese and other dairy products? The government is telling you these foods are not healthy – too much saturated fat. Is it a surprise that the government also invests millions of taxpayer dollars for marketing to entice us to eat these fatty foods? Listen as Caryn and her guest, Alan Roettinger talk about how to wean yourself off dairy, feel great and satisfied on a healthy, plant-based diet. LISTEN

10/17/10: The subject is healthy junk food! Caryn reviews many snack food products on the market that can be found in a health food store that are vegan – but are they healthy? She give some healthy and fun suggestions for Halloween party foods. LISTEN

10/10/10: Caryn talks with her friend, Mark Rifkin, MS, RD, LDN, about sweeteners and soy. They discussed questions about dry skin, feeling satiated on healthy foods, red wine (healthy or not?) and how many calories one should consume when losing weight. LISTEN

10/3/10: Caryn joins chef Alan Roettinger in a lively discussion about a variety of issues including supplements, soy and pasta – are they healthy and are they necessary? LISTEN

9/19/10: Caryn answers questions about corn and soy and offers up suggestions for easy to prepare dishes. She talks about special holiday foods and making them vegan, including eggless challah and honey-less honey cake. She discusses soy lecithin as an egg replacer. LISTEN

9/5/10: Caryn talks about the history of Vegetarianism, especially in America, highlighting those in the United States who moved the message like Sylvester Gram, Branson Alcott and John Harvey Kellogg. LISTEN

8/22/10: Caryn talked with Alan Roettinger (author, Speed Vegan). They covered a variety of topics including athletic performance and energy (Alan had just completed the ascent to Pikes Peak the day before), how to get off coffee, getting protein from plant foods. They discussed the recent egg recall involving Hillandale Farms, great recipes with tofu. Alan talked about how he makes Essene bread with sprouted lentils and whole grains. LISTEN

08/10/10: Caryn talks about eating vegan while in Buenos Aires, how to handle being vegan in social situations, vegan diet and religions and great recipes with basil.

06/27/10: Andrew Grace spoke with Caryn about the vegan diet he adheres to. He eats food and also chooses herbs and spices for cooking a completely wheat-free vegan cuisine based on the Chinese Traditional Medicine method of “temperature quality.” Temperature quality divides food, herbs and spices as well as normal human past times like exercise or music appreciation into three basic qualities: Yang: Hot/Warm (as with garlic, onion, ginger, hard rock music, boxing, action films etc.), Neutral: (As with pinto beans, parsley, slippery elm, educational films, walking, elevator music), and Yin: Cool/Cold (As with watermelon, elder berry, classical piano music, yoga, Dramatic films). Andrew spoke about how what we need is based on pulse and tongue color. In general one who has a strong pulse and a red tongue usually needs neutral and Yin. People with white tongues and light pulses need neutral and Yang and normal people, as is for all people, with normal pulse and normal tongue need only neutral. It is believed that with the correct temperature quality food, past times and herbalogy, wellness is obtained and disease can be avoided or cured. LISTEN

06/20/10: Caryn talks with one listener about tropical fruits that taste like pudding. She talks with another caller about how to gain weight on a vegan diet when very thin. Caryn discusses heart disease and diabetes and some of the problems associated with cow’s milk. She talks about delicious, healthy summer recipes, including making homemade vegan ice creams and cool, raw (no cook) summer soups. LISTEN

06/06/10: The subject for this hour is salt. Caryn talks about how unhealthy salt is and why. She recommends many healthy, delicious substitutes for adding flavor to foods. LISTEN

05/23/10: Caryn covers a wide variety of topics covering vegan celebrities: athlete Scott Jurek and actor Alicia Silverstone; great recipes for Memorial Day barbecue and ends with her dream doctor’s prescription for health, using healthy food instead of drugs. LISTEN

05/09/10: Caryn covers a variety of topics including more Mother’s Day recipes, sweet and savory dishes with quinoa, Ethiopian vegetarian food and do-it-yourself gardening. LISTEN

05/02/10: Caryn talks about great recipes to prepare for Mother’s Day brunch. She goes through a long list of items to think about that may contain animal products and how to avoid them. This list includes food and other items like personal products, cleaning products and clothing. LISTEN

04/18/10: In this show, Caryn talks about the recent San Francisco resolution for Veg Day, a Boston Globe article about “hegans” (men who are vegan), and answers some of the listeners questions including a vegan broth alternative for onion soup, a lentil burger recipe without nuts and the most popular question: where to get protein. She talks about miso, the varieties and how to use it in recipes. LISTEN