7/14/2015: Food Safety, CVS supports Anti-Smoking Measures, Unhealthy Snacks, Freezing Fish, 3 Brothers Pizza Café.


caryn-in-cali In the second part of the IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD episode, Caryn reviews the new Politico.com article, Is the Obama Administration ambiguous about food safety? and the FDA regulation on food safety, CVS and the US Chamber of Commerce on tobacco, the New York Times article Talks on Iran Nuclear Deal Are Extended Once Again where it mentioned the horrible unhealthy snack foods our leaders are consuming while working on serious negotiations. She recommend demanding healthy snacks in the work place or wherever you find snacks being served. She briefly discuss the article New York City Requires Restaurants to Freeze Raw Fish Before Serving

Caryn covers her blog review of 3 Brothers Cafe in Farmingdale, NY and talks about salads for summer.


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