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Plant-Powered and Thriving Expert Series


  Join John and Ocean Robbins for the free Plant-Powered and Thriving Expert Series with Doctors Susan Peirce Thompson, Dean Ornish, and Caldwell Esselstyn. Discover how to make healthy eating fun, delicious, and affordable! Click HERE to register

Watch Prosperity now (and then get ready!)


I’ve some exciting news. We learned a few weeks ago on It’s All About Food about Dr. Pedram Shojai’s brand new documentary Prosperity. It is LIVE right now and ready to watch. Just out of theaters and ready to inspire millions more across the country, Prosperity will prove that we CAN all come together, change…

Are You Addicted to Food?


THE PSYCHOLOGY AND BRAIN SCIENCE OF SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS with Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.     Are You Addicted to Food? Take this short quiz and find out. Based on your unique answers, you will receive a personalized video from Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson explaining how your brain responds to addictive food.     WATCH:…

Thank you What the Health!


As a website editor, Google Analytics is one of the tools I review on a regular basis. It enables me to see what pages people are visiting most and a lot more. Occasionally there is an unusual spike in traffic on a particular page and I dig to discover the reason. Sometimes one of our…

Your Health Transformation Starts Now!


Meet Rena Phillips. She’s brought together over 20 health transformation experts from around the world, including REAL Co-Founder Caryn Hartglass, for a summit called Your Health Transformation Starts Now: How to Reclaim Your Vitality, Your Body and Zest for Life! ​Rena has been through many health struggles herself and she knows first-hand how hard and…

The Emergence Of A New Health Paradigm


​  Have you seen the empowering new short-film ‘Lifestyle Medicine – The Emergence Of A New Health Paradigm’ already?   Click here to watch the trailer.​     ​For a limited time only you can watch the film for FREE.   When you register to watch the film you also get front-row seats to the…

Healthy Eating Power Hour 2017


Join John and Ocean Robbins for free Power Hour events on May 30th, June 1st, and June 4th. Discover how you can make healthy eating easy (and delicious)! REGISTER HERE

Tom Regan, Nov. 28, 1938 – Feb. 17, 2017


  Our first obligation to the animals and to the Earth is to stay in the movement, to keep making a contribution in our several ways and our separate ways. – Tom Regan     Memorial services are often a time of many emotions. We feel sad for losing someone we loved as we celebrate…

14 Day Challenge


The folks at Bright Line Eating have introduced a new 14-Day Challenge. Find out more about this weight loss program HERE.     Food Freedom Susceptibility Quiz   Back in 2013, Forbes revealed scientific research that showed Oreos were more addictive than cocaine or heroin. Research shows refined foods have powerful addictive properties that some…

2Forks Event in Pasadena – Get Your REAL discount!


Consider joining my friend Rip Esselstyn at his weekend event in Pasadena, CA this March. Go and recharge your plant-based lifestyle. Use code “REAL50” for $50 off at This is your chance to mingle and learn from the “rock stars” of the movement, as well as from each other. Join the Esselstyn Family and…

2Forks Events – Get Your REAL discount!


This is your chance to mingle and learn from the “rock stars” of the movement, as well as from each other. Join the Esselstyn Family and many other experts at weekend events and immersion retreats described below. Find out more about the Esselstyn Family. Listen to my interviews: Rip Esselstyn Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. Ann, Jane…

Healthy Eating Power Hour


Don’t miss the upcoming Healthy Eating Power Hour. One hour with John & Ocean Robbins will transform your kitchen! Do you feel like healthy food is often time-consuming, costly, or confusing? You aren’t alone. In a 2012 study, 52% of Americans said that doing their taxes was easier than figuring out how to eat healthy!…

Conscious Life Summit


    I am honored to be part of the upcoming Conscious Life Summit. What is the Conscious Life Summit?     I’ll be talking about REAL and my favorite subject – food. And I’ll be listening to the 23 other experts who will be covering many different areas that touch our conscious lives. Please…

Saying goodbye to Broccoli Rob


I received the very sad news today that Rob Poe, aka Broccoli Rob, passed away yesterday. Rob was a friend, a terrific musician, a wonderful singer and performer with a passion for healthy eating. He created a children’s show where he played many characters including Broccoli Rob, and the karate expert, Bruce Leek. He performed…

The Food Revolution Summit 2016


      The 5th Annual Food Revolution Summit was everything I expected and so much more. I was delighted and honored to be a part of it, offering participants delicious recipes each day. Did you miss it or miss any part of it? Do you want to be able to listen and share the…

Tune in Love for Valentine’s Day


Here at REAL we feel the most romantic thing you can do this Valentine's Day is to fall in love with yourself and go vegan. It is a relationship that will not only last forever, but gets better and better with age. And it is not only good for you it is good for the…

January Dishes


Here at REAL we’ve designated the 31 days of January as the month we get our kitchen and our bodies in shape, and ironically we do it by cooking and eating. Remember, when you’re cooking in the kitchen you’re moving your body and moving is a key ingredient to healthier happier you! It’s so easy…

End-Of-Year Report 2015


Responsible Eating And Living was just a dream less than five years ago. And together look how far we’ve come! We are excited to present to you the end of the year report. In a very short time we have created and published a diverse catalog of original content. We’ve archived almost 500 interviews with…

Anti Fur Society Conference


The Cruelty Free Fashion Show and Anti Fur Society Vegan Conference took place on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at Landmark on the Park in Manhattan. Responsible Eating and Living was there and we captured some of the best moments for you in this video.      

Get the REAL App


Do you have the REAL App? You can download it for FREE on your iPhone, iPad or any Android device to access all of our recipes, videos, podcasts and articles. I love using the REAL app on my phone to get all of my REAL Favorites. These are the recipes we make all the time…

2015 Veggie Awards!


READ ALL ABOUT IT! The VegNews 2015 Veggie Awards have been announced in their new November/December issue. You may remember that Responsible Eating And Living was named one of the 10 Non Profits You Need To Know back in 2011 and we are still excited about that! Responsible Eating And Living was not a winner…

Green Unplugged


Watch and rate our film at   We are so excited to announce that our documentary The Lone Vegan Preaching to the Fire is part of Culture Unplugged’s Film Festival called Green Unplugged. There are a number of rewards and we would love to be a winner. But we need your help. Please visit…

Goodbye Sproutman


  This morning I was drawn to open one of the cupboards containing my Tribest Sprouter. I looked at it for a moment, took it out and held it. I smiled and thought of Steve Meyerowitz, a.k.a. the Sproutman for a moment. I had purchased the sprouter in 2011 after speaking with him on my…

Happy B’Earthday Revue Trailer


Celebrate Earth Day! Come see the Swingin’ Gourmets in the Happy B’Earthday Revue. If you can’t make it you can still swing with us by making a tax deductible donation to Responsible Eating And Living. WATCH THE TRAILER NOW!

Living The Farm Sanctuary Life


Gary De Mattei and Caryn Hartglass have three REAL recipes in this new book which was released on Monday, April 7, 2015. We went to the book launch party at ABC Home in Manhattan. Here’s a short clip with Jane Velez-Mitchell, Gene Baur, Cornelia Guest and Gene Stone.

The Chocolate Report


When I was young, chocolate was a favorite treat. The best candy to get in your trick or treat bag was a Hershey’s bar with almonds! We went on a school trip to the Hershey’s plant in Pennsylvania and I marveled at the big vats churning sweet smelling melted chocolate and the orderly rows of…

Soy Story

It's A Bean

Hi Everybody. I’m Caryn Hartglass and welcome to REAL GOOD NEWS IN REVIEW. As a longtime vegan, I’ve heard many questions repeated over and over again. Where do you get your protein, Where do you get your calcium? “What about soy?” What about soy? Soy foods provide a high quality protein and are often recommended…

Mayo Wars


Hi Everybody. Welcome to our new show. When it comes to food and lifestyle we plan on bringing you the good news, the triumphs, and successes that are happening all around us. We want to inspire you to be a part of this movement, this revolution, to create a healthy planet, that can provide us…

The REAL Best Books of 2014


  The REAL picks for 2014 consist of an eclectic list of 10 books that represent the wide reach of our mission here at Responsible Eating And Living, educating the public about the health and environmental benefits of transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.  Each book is outstanding in its own right.  They are listed here…

2014: Year in Review


  Season’s Greetings, Responsible Eating And Living launched in July of 2011 and in less than four years we’ve made some extraordinary accomplishments in the plant-based food movement and we show no signs of slowing down in 2015.  Let me recap some of our amazing achievements of 2014— The Lone Vegan. At the beginning of…

A Thanksgiving Story: Turkey, Turnips, Transfusions


Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go… As a child I loved the images in that song and thought of them every Thanksgiving as my family took off to my grandparents’ home, a one-bedroom apartment in Bayside, New York, where the Matinecock Native American first settled in 2000 B.C.  I’d…

A visit to the Head and Neck Cancer Congress


Early this morning I headed to the Marriott Marquis for the Head and Neck Cancer Congress opening ceremonies where actor Michael Douglas was the featured guest speaker. As an ovarian cancer survivor I am interested in all kinds of cancer research. A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to attend this event, the largest…

The Lone Vegan Misquoted and then Retracted in Range Magazine!


Range Magazine‘s editor asked REAL founder, Caryn Hartglass (a.k.a. The Lone Vegan) to submit a 250-word summary article based on her talk at the Snyder Livestock Climate Change Panel back in March. The summary was published exactly as submitted. Unfortunately on the same page, after the article and her bio, Caryn was misquoted. She wrote…

Cheesy Vegan meets REAL in American Vegan Society Summer Magazine

American Vegan cover

Cheesy Vegan meets REAL Vegetable Corn Cakes and Spicy Black Bean Soup! Writing a review for the American Vegan Magazine on John Schlimm’s cookbook, Cheesy Vegan, we made this dish. It combines John’s mozzarella recipe with our REAL Spicy Black Bean Soup and Vegetable Corn Cakes. The Corn Cakes sit on top of the soup…



On March 8, 2014, REAL co-founder Caryn Hartglass was part of a four-person panel which included a climate change skeptic and an advocate of animal agriculture intensification. In order to do the research and prepare for the event, Responsible Eating And Living launched The Lone Vegan Kickstarter Project. Caryn’s talk was centered on the devastating…

Animal Rights Making Mainstream Headlines


As many of us continue to strive for a more peaceful, just world, we often don’t see the progress being made. It’s time to take a moment to savor the small successes that are making headlines in mainstream media. For example, this week’s New Yorker cover highlights the debate going on now about Mayor Bill…

Support REAL’S Kickstarter


REAL Founder, Caryn Hartglass has been invited to talk about animal agriculture’s impact on climate change before a bull sale at a livestock company. She’s also been asked to sing our National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner at this event. Help in the preparation for the talk and music by supporting this Kickstarter. It’s tax…

Remembering Robert Goodland


Remembering Robert Goodland, “The Conscience of the World Bank”Robert Goodland passed away just a few days ago on December 28, 2013. Although I never met him face to face, I admired his work and had the opportunity to interview him on my radio program, It’s All About Food, back in 2010. When I was scheduling…

The Swingin’ Gourmets meet Dr. Fuhrman


The Swingin’ Gourmets performed at Dr. Fuhrman’s Weekend Health Immersion at the Hanover Marriott last evening. Here are some of the pictures from the show. For more on Dr. Fuhrman and the Weekend Health Immersions visit For more on The Swingin’ Gourmets visit

i Eat Green Radio


i Eat Green Radio host, Bhavani Jaroff interviews Caryn Hartglass. LISTEN iEat Green is a motivational, educational organization founded by Bhavani Jaroff, that provides tools to schools, corporations and families in their quest to becoming “Greener.” iEat Green will assess your situation and initiate the right program for your family, constituents or organization. Whether you…

The Natural Nurse interviews Caryn Hartglass


The Natural Nurse Radio Show, host Ellen Kamhi, interviews Caryn Hartglass. LISTEN Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, a-HNC, AHG, The Natural Nurse® has been involved in Natural Medicine since 1973, when she directed a program in Ethnobotany at Cochise College in Douglas, Arizona. Dr. Kamhi attended Rutgers and Cornell Universities, sat on the Panel of Traditional…

Linda Long Interviews Caryn Hartglass

Linda Long, author of Virgin Vegan interviews REAL founder, Caryn Hartglass at Lincoln Center in Manhattan. CLICK HERE to listen to Caryn Hartglass interview Linda Long on IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD about Virgin Vegan .

Scoop Post interview with Caryn Hartglass

SCOOP POST‘s M. Matics interviews Caryn Hartglass. The Scoop Post strives to be the most reputable online news & story platform of, by, and for urban young adults as consumers. The Scoop Post reports current cultural & sociopolitical developments that would have a significant impact on welfare and lifestyle of urban young adults, and interprets…

This Opera Life

This Opera Life with Charles Reid. Charles Reid interviews Caryn Hartglass about healthy diets and singing.

The Power of Green

I truly believe that my healthy diet and a daily juice with fresh items like kale, collards, parsley, chard, spinach, celery, lemon and ginger help me beat my battle with ovarian cancer. Below I talk about the power of GREEN!   Anti cancer superfoods: Green juice from Responsible Eating And Living.