Product Review

Homemade Tofu and Chocolate Mousse


I was given samples of Morinaga’s Make Your Own Tofu Kit, consisting of two 12 ounce containers of soy milk and two packets of nigari along with instructions on how to make tofu. I had made one portion of tofu a few weeks ago. It was very, very soft. I like soft tofu, but this…

Chef Ernesto All-Natural High Quality Frozen Food Line


Update added 10/28/2015 from the Chef Ernesto Facebook page: Would you like more vegan choices at the Dollar Tree Store? I know a way that you can help make this happen. Could you please email our Managing Director. If he receives enough positive feedback he can show the Dollar Tree store! Dollar Tree needs to…

Spinach Gnocchi, gluten-free


Yes, gnocchi can be vegan, gluten-free and easy. We just received a sample from Caesar’s Pasta of Spinach Gnocchi and Potato Gnocchi, both vegan and gluten-free. They are delicious topped with our REAL Classic Italian Tomato Sauce and REAL