Freya Dinshah, Kids! Teach Yourself to Cook



Part II: Freya Dinshah
Apples, Bean Dip, and Carrot Cake: Kids! Teach Yourself to Cook

Freya Dinshah is coauthor of the new book, Apples, Bean Dip, and Carrot Cake: Kids! Teach Yourself to Cook. Freya provided the concept, supplied the majority of the recipes, guided the project, and asked her daughter Anne to be coauthor. Anne then invited 26 children to be chefs, developed kid-friendly language, photographed their efforts, and shared the tasting tasks.
For several years Freya has volunteered at the Newfield Terrace Community Action Organization after-school program. Freya is currently serving as nutrition educator and teaches basic cooking skills to children ages 6 to 18. She has been a key organizer for local and national events to encourage compassionate, healthful living. Freya has taught cooking classes to people of all ages for over 40 years.
Freya resides in southern New Jersey where she works full-time as president of American Vegan Society and editor of American Vegan magazine.


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