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Apple Sauce

apple sauce

Homemade apple sauce is easy to make. Made with your favorite organic apples they are perfect on top of our REAL Baked Potato Pancakes.     Ingredients 6 – 8 apples, cored and chopped (peel only if not organic) approximately 1/2 cup water     Directions Put the chopped apples in a medium size saucepan.…

Baked Potato Pancakes, Latkes: Gluten-Free


These potato pancakes are light and delicious, with little or no oil at all. They are a great party food for any celebration. Top with our REAL Tofu Sour Cream or REAL Apple Sauce or our REAL Apple Cranberry Raisin Butter (Holiday Butter). Recipe includes 4 varieties: plain potato, potato carrot onion, potato buckwheat and…