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Never-before-seen PUBLISHED weight-loss program results

Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that diets don’t work. This is probably not news to you. No matter what weight-loss program is studied, the results are always the same: on average, in the first 6 months, people lose 10-15 pounds, then their weight loss stalls for a bit, and then they start gaining the weight back. There are always a few individuals who show some long-term success with a program here and there, but on average, there is not a single program that shows sustained success in a cohort of participants.

That’s always been true…up until now.

Six years ago, a groundbreaking new program was created by a professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Her expertise is in the neuroscience of food addiction, and she herself is in the top .01% of successful weight-loss maintainers. She was overweight in her teens and obese by her twenties, and now, for 17 years, she’s lived without excess weight…and with freedom around food.

Over the past six years, tens of thousands of people have joined her program from 103 countries around the world, and the results are jaw-dropping. Peer-reviewed, scientific research from The Journal of Nutrition and Weight Loss shows that, on average, people lose dramatically more weight in her 8-week program (3 to 13 times more weight over a comparable period of time) than the published results from other online weight-loss programs.

Frankly, that’s incredible. But what’s more shocking is that they keep it off. This scientist has thousands of people participating in an ongoing follow-up study, and what she’s seeing from her survey responders is that, on average, they do not regain their weight—not a single pound. In fact, after the online program ends, they continue to lose, and then they keep that weight off, too. What’s more, on average, their daily hunger levels go DOWN by doing her program. And cravings? By the end of her 8-week program, the average participant reports few or no food cravings anymore. Ever.

Even more stunning is that, although her program is rigorous, after just 8 weeks, 77% of participants report that their “peace and serenity with food” INCREASED, while just 9% report that it decreased (14% say it stayed the same).

But the improvements are not just limited to food and weight. Participants, on average, show statistically significant improvement on every single measure of mental health, not to mention significantly better sleep and more energy.

So, what’s the difference? What gives this program the “stick” factor that allows it to be successful over the long term? The difference is these people have been following a system that’s customized to how their brains work. They started their journey by learning one crucial piece of information about how their brain is wired—they took a 30-second quiz with only 5 questions, and the rest is history. This little piece of information may very well be the game changer that alters the course of the obesity epidemic forever.

I personally know the scientist. I have interviewed her numerous times on my podcast. I know this all sounds way too good to be true, but I can passionately vouch for these results. They blow me away, and they’ll blow you away, too. But don’t take my word for it—be a skeptic. Investigate for yourself.

I want to invite you to take the quiz, find out how your brain is wired to respond to food, and watch the video explaining how you can use this information to finally find freedom around food.

Click here to take the quiz now.

One final result to share with you. Data show that her system works equally well for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. In other words, there is no statistically significant difference in weight-loss results among young adults, mid-lifers, and golden-agers, which has literally never been shown before, by any weight-loss system, ever. The numbers show that this statistic remains true whether you analyze all genders together, or women only, or men only. So, if you’ve been thinking you “can’t lose” that excess weight (especially around your midsection) because of your age, think again. How is this possible? Her video will explain the science behind her groundbreaking results. No doubt millions will be benefiting from this program in the coming years, but if you want to find out what the buzz is about and kick the tires for yourself, click here to take the quiz and learn how your brain has been blocking you from losing weight.


Binge-eating neuroscientist conquers cravings

My friend, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, is a tenured psychology professor with a Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. For sixteen years, she struggled with her relationship with food. She dieted again and again, binged on cookie dough, was clinically depressed, and in her darkest hours would lie in the fetal position and pray for her weight issue to be removed.

Then, in 2003, she discovered a solution that allowed her to shed all her excess weight. That was more than 15 years ago, and she’s now among the top .01% of successful weight-loss maintainers.

For years, Susan taught her findings in her college course on the Psychology of Eating and spent all of her spare time helping people one-on-one to lose all of their excess weight and keep it off. Then one day, in her morning meditation, it came to her that there are millions more people who need this information. She decided to create a free video series to share the truth about the psychology and neuroscience of weight loss and food freedom.

So, if you’re wondering why it’s so difficult to eat the foods you know are healthy, can’t figure out why you are still drawn to junk food, or need something to make it all click into place, you don’t want to miss this.

Click here to get her complimentary video now.


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