Reserve your spot in the Conscious Life Summit! This 8-day event starts tomorrow, June 3, with REAL Co-Founder, Caryn Hartglass talking about Responsible Eating And Living and her favorite subject — food. Register for this FREE event to hear this presentation along with 23 other experts who will be covering many different areas that touch our conscious lives. The planet needs you. Humanity needs you. And not just you, but every awakened soul breathing today. For too long we have been passengers on a bus being controlled by drowsy-eyed, if not altogether sleeping, drivers. We need you awake. And not just for 30 minutes or a couple of hours each day — we need you vibrantly, enthusiastically, joyfully, wide-eyed present. Consider the Conscious Life Summit as your wake-up call, your hot shower, and your steaming cup of your morning brew all combined. Get ready to show up for your life!

REAL Co-Founder, Caryn Hartglass is a featured author in the new book 25 Women Who Survived Cancer: Notable Women Share Inspiring Stories of Hope.

The book, which has a publication date of September 13, 2016, is now available for pre-order on You may pre-order the book and it will ship as soon as it is released in mid-September.

Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to cancer research and prevention.