The REAL New Year's Day Five Star Vegan Hotel Brunch Buffet
Here is our fantasy New Year's Day Five Star Vegan Brunch. Try one dish or all of them at your New Year's Day brunch or anytime you feel like breakfast. These dishes have been tested and retested and they are all gluten-free. They adapt really well to doubling, tripling and quadrupling depending on how many guests you invite and they are all REALly flexible. For example, with the fruity waffles you may reduce the amount of batter you use in your waffle iron to make mini waffles. All of the "no egg" dishes, tempeh bacon and lentil sausages hold up well in chafing dishes. We've added specific modifying notes to apply to each recipe if necessary. Thanks again for supporting us in 2015. We look forward to having you with us next year. Happy New Year!