October 2012

Dear Friends,

In 1964, the U.S. Surgeon General released a report, based on more than 7,000 scientific studies linking smoking with lung cancer, emphysema and other diseases. Almost 50 years later with increased advertising for anti-smoking campaigns and label warnings, public attitude towards smoking has dramatically changed. Approximately half of all Americans smoked in 1964 as compared to 20% today, resulting in several million fewer premature deaths.

The same approach needs to happen with food and fast. Most Americans, rich and poor, young and old, spend little time in the kitchen, getting their food from fine dining and fast food restaurants, along with packaged items from convenience and grocery stores. As a result, 70% of Americans die each year from common, costly, preventable chronic diseases, with heart disease, cancer and stroke accounting for more than half. Over 11 billion dollars is spent annually on food, beverage, candy and restaurant advertising, 100 times greater than the advertising budget for fruits and vegetables. The health of the nation will change when enough capital is put into media promoting healthy food. At Responsible Eating And Living (REAL) we want to fill the void with educational programs and advertising for television, radio, print and social media, not unlike the ones that were so effective in anti-smoking campaigns.

Responsible Eating And Living , a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, takes the common sense approach that healthy food can restore wellness to our world. This philosophy is supported by over 200 original interviews on our website with experts in the forefront of the plant-based diet movement archived from our It's All About Food show on the Progressive Radio Network. And from our own new station, the REAL Worldwide Radio Network, where the Ask A Vegan show is broadcast live every week to bring you the REAL perspective on current issues in the news related to our food system.

New original content is continually being added including videos, recipes and articles. As a result, shortly after the official launch in July 2011, the organization was featured in VegNews Magazine's Best of 2011 issue in the article "10 Nonprofits You Need to Know."

PROGRAMMING: Health infotainment shows often broadcast confusing, contradictory information while TV news programs dig up results from old health studies presenting the findings as "new" in sensational sound bites. People need ongoing support with a consistent message promoting the consumption of plant foods. REAL is developing a food and lifestyle show for television, including food-related news, interviews with doctors, nutritionists, athletes, chefs, activists and celebrities, and cooking demonstrations. Unlike any show currently available anywhere, this program will promote the preparation and consumption of healthy food, making healthy eating not just a new trend, but help create a positive shift in America's food culture. Based in New York City, the program will benefit from access to numerous health experts and vegetarian celebrities who will be featured as guests. The initial plan is to produce a promotional reel of 5 programs to pitch to cable stations and television networks.

ADVERTISING: REAL is developing ads for television, radio, print and social media. Employing the same techniques used to promote empty-calorie, nutrient-poor foods, REAL's ads will show people the truth, that healthy food is appealing, delicious and satisfying.

AWARDS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: It is heartwarming to be recognized and supported for the work we are doing. We were awarded grants from the Friedman-Klarreich Foundation, the Nalith Foundation and the Enterprise Holding Foundation. These contributions made the work we have done in only one year at Responsible Eating And Living possible. We have:

  • Created over 175 REAL recipes available on the website that are delicious and simple to prepare.

  • Added all our recipes to Pinterest.com/REALworldwide where people can easily select the pictures of dishes they like and get the recipe on how to make them.

  • Produced 5 original episodes of the REAL People Making A Difference video series featuring the inspirational work done by REAL people:
        Neal Shatar, Director of Food Services, New Hampton School
        Kathy Stevens, founder of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary
        Zoe Weil, co-founder of the Institute For Humane Education
        Barry Estabrook, author of Tomatoland
        Danielle Konya's Vegan Treats Bakery

  • Produced 18 REAL Food Shows now available for viewing on the website including the 4 part series It's All About Greens and the Thanksgiving Celebration Feast program featuring 7 dishes. It's All About Greens was a special achievement because I wanted to have a program about dark, leafy green vegetables. I know they've made a big difference in my life and I want people to benefit from these amazing health-promoting foods. And I was so happy to be able to share some of my favorite recipes in Thanksgiving Celebration Feast.

  • Participated at of the Take Back Your Health Conference in April as a sponsor and exhibitor, and produced a short video at the event for the REAL website.

  • Exhibited at the Manhattan Veggie Pride Parade. In addition, I was one of the invited speakers. You can watch my presentation here.

    Are you for REAL? We need your support! Your generous donation will help us to continue what we have begun, develop new programs and so much more. Your contribution is so important as we look toward REAL's future. It's the spirit of giving that has brought us such a great distance since last year – will you help our organization serve those who gain so much from our programs? Your help plays a REAL part in our ability to make a difference for people and the planet. Please help with a fully tax-deductible donation by completing the enclosed donation form today. You can make your contribution online or mail in your donation by check. Download and print the mail-in donation form.  Download this REAL Appeal Letter in .pdf format to print or email in an attachment.

    Thank you in advance for your generosity.

    Caryn Hartglass, Founder  

    P.S. Your employer may augment your donation through a matching gift program - please check your company's policy.      


    "The site looks beautiful! And the message could not be more important. Congratulations on the launch. I am looking forward to being inspired, informed and empowered by your continued excellence." - John Robbins, author of Diet For A New America, Food Revolution, Reclaiming Our Health, Healthy At 100, The New Good Life, No Happy Cows

    "I love your site. Jammed packed with everything we want to know, what we want others to know. I can barely wait to tell everyone... Keep on keeping on!" - Linda Long, photographer, writer, author of Great Chefs Cook Vegan and the upcoming Virgin Vegan

    "I am stunned, blown away by the site. It is magnificent." - Fran Costigan, internationally recognized vegan pastry chef, culinary instructor, consultant, author of More Great Good Dairy Free Desserts Naturally and the upcoming Chocolate Vegan Desserts For Everyone

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