Elana Kirshenbaum, New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program


As a young child, Elana Kirshenbaum relished any chance to connect with animals, fed her school lunch daily to a stray dog, and wrote about wanting to grow up and teach people how to protect animals at a beautiful rescue with rolling, green hills. When she learned about the horrific suffering other beings endured for human food, entertainment, science etc, this awakening fueled her lifelong passion to protect them, align her daily choices with her values, and invite others to connect to the truth and advance a more compassionate world. Elana has a degree in creative writing and an extensive background in program development and management, teaching, humane education, and social work. As a vegan for over two decades, she is the co-founder of Rhode Island Vegan Awareness, a non-profit all volunteer run vegan advocacy organization, which she led for a decade. In 2013, Elana realized her childhood dream when she joined the staff of Catskill Animal Sanctuary. It is there that envisioned, developed and currently oversees New Leaf, an innovative and unique vegan mentor program that has quickly spread to 30 countries around the world.
New Leaf, a fast spreading innovative mentor program, makes becoming vegan easier, delicious, and joyful for anyone through personalized, one on one support from experienced vegan mentors. As a vegan advocate for over 20 years and the developer of New Leaf, Elana Kirshenbaum recognizes the importance of having someone by your side in this important and positive journey. Using powerful technology designed for personalized matching and a convenient cell phone app, our free, innovative program will give you answers to burning questions, abundant resources, quick tips to ease into long term success, guidance to navigate bumps in the road, and encouragement all the way.
Early results show phenomenal success, with the program spreading to 30 countries worldwide, and participants already reporting a successful commitment to veganism.