Rachel Borkowski, Animal Connection


Rachel is the founder of Animal Connection. Ever since Rachel got a leaflet from Mercy for Animals of a bloody baby pig, she knew she had to be vegan. She couldn’t fathom this type of violence happening to billions of innocent animals. Rachel started her career in NYC but felt unfulfilled without any connection to nature or animals. She decided to work on a goat dairy farm in Israel until one day saw one of the farmers kicking a sheep. The platform she used wouldn’t let her write a review, so she set out make a platform that ensures safety for all living beings. Over the years Rachel used many forms of activism to compel people to stop the contribution to abuse of animals, health deterioration and environmental destruction. She found the best method is through compassion, understanding and love. During her free time she enjoys singing, concerts, cuddling with her dog, making people laugh, and anything to do with vegan food. Her dream is to empty every cage and for everyone to be happy and free.