The Lone Vegan: Preaching To The Fire


Caryn Hartglass, Responsible Eating And Living founder and vegan since 1988, was invited by the owner of a feedlot in Yerington, Nevada to give a talk on climate change to cattle ranchers on the eve before an annual bull sale. Part of a four-person panel including a climate change skeptic and an advocate of animal agriculture intensification, Caryn was the “Lone Vegan” who prepared to speak about the devastating effects animal agriculture has on climate change. When the organizer learned Caryn was a professional opera singer, she asked Caryn to sing the National Anthem before the presentations and panel discussion. The film documents Caryn’s journey from raising funds to do the research, singing the National Anthem, a tour of the feedlot and the event with the ranchers. Find out why many of the ranchers told Caryn she had more balls than their bulls!