10 Non Profits You Need To Know

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Responsible Eating And Living selected by VegNews as one of the 10 Non Profits You Need To Know.

OCTOBER 25, 2011, New York, NY. Responsible Eating And Living (REAL), a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of a plant-based diet and planet-friendly lifestyle, is featured in the VegNews Magazine article, “10 Non Profits You Need To Know.”  Ms. Hartglass, the founder of Responsible Eating And Living said, “We are so excited and honored to have been selected, especially since Responsible Eating And Living was launched just four short months ago in July.”

Here’s some of what the folks at VegNews had to say:

Former opera singer and executive director of Earthsave, Caryn Hartglass founded REAL in New York City after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006. With a master’s degree in chemical engineering, Hartglass wasn’t one to accept dubious scientific claims, and found ample evidence in natural cancer-fighting methods such as nutrient-dense diets, exercise, meditation, supplements, and yoga—and has been cancer-free for the past four years. According to the National Cancer Institute, 40 percent of the adult population will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, making REAL’s work all the more important. The organization’s website serves as an information hub with healthy vegan recipes, and Q&As with cancer survivors offer a well-rounded resource for patients.

For more information about Responsible Eating And Living, or to schedule an interview with Ms. Hartglass, please call 1-718-490-0507 or send an email to Caryn@ResponsibleEatingAndLiving.com.

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  1. Hi Caryn, I have been a vegan christian for 25 years and follow the teachings of the ESSENES who i believed taught CHRIST as a boy to use in his ministry. CHRIST was a teacher (RABBI) and if you READ the ESSENE GOSPEL OF PEACE he taught how to care for the body. The world problems will continue until man STOPS the slaughter of GODS animals for food or gain. Its not up to GOD or CHRIST, its up to us.

  2. Congratulations Caryn ! Another tremendous accomplishment. It is wonderful to see your amazing efforts recognized !

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