Episode #104: Going Bananas

What you may want to know about bananas – non vegan chemical coating, chitosan, to prolong shelf life; how cultivation may lead to extinction; potassium and more. I share my thoughts on the wild Macaque in Florida, Pierre Boule’s Planet of the Apes and Dieticians in Supermarkets. The Ask A Vegan recipe of the week is Ginger Beans and Greens with Tomato and Mango.

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  1. HI, Just wanted to comment on the liguistic use of the word giving pertainning to women’s right to vote. Women have always had the right to vote. It was only a short time ago that that right was recognized. Using the word give implies a superior being who gave us something. It was always ours. A warped social system prevented us from exercising our right. It’s the same with all animal’s rights to a free and happy life. It is their right. It is just not recognized by the mainstream social system. It may sound trivial, but liguistics play a huge role in the perpetuation of suppression. Just think of the labels Harvard Ladies Club vs. Harvard Women’s Club. They sound very different and people see a different picture when they hear the different names. I would love it if we were all more aware about using the would give when talking about the rights of all animals.

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