Annabel Abbs-Streets, SLEEPLESS


Sleepless, Annabel Abbs-Streets

Annabel Abbs-Streets, SLEEPLESS, Unleashing the Subversive Power of the Night Self
Annabel Abbs-Streets is a writer of highly researched, award-winning fiction as well as both narrative and practical non-fiction. Her non-fiction includes Windswept: Walking the Paths of Trailblazing Women, 52 Ways to Walk, and The Age Well Project. Abbs-Streets also wrote the novels The Joyce Girl, the story of James Joyce’s daughter Lucia, and Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen, an international bestseller optioned by CBS Studios. Her work has been translated into more than thirty languages. She lives in London and Sussex with her family.

Links mentioned in the program:

Remembering Steve Wise.
Steve Wise was Founder and President of the Nonhuman Rights Project, NhRP. The NhRP is the only civil rights organization in the United States dedicated solely to securing rights for nonhuman animals. He passed away on February 15th after a long illness. The NhRP posted about this sad loss.

Here are three interviews with Steve Wise on IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD.
Steven M. Wise, An American Trilogy
Steven M. Wise, Nonhuman Rights Project
Steven M. Wise, Nonhuman Rights Project, Expanding Mission and Work Beyond the Courtroom


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