5/30/2017: Upcoming Events and new REAL recipes.




Caryn Hartglass: Hey everybody. How you doing today? I’m Caryn Hartglass and it’s time for It’s All About Food! It’s my happy time, everybody, to talk about my favorite subject, food, with you, and discover new things. Today, I plan on discovering a lot of new things and so I’m really looking forward to what we have in store. Now remember, I always offer this, and people aren’t taking advantage of it, but you can always call in and ask questions. Any questions. 1-888-874-4888. Again, 1-888-874-4888. I love talking about food. You know this. And I’m sure there are things that you’re wondering about. No question is too insignificant, and so I welcome your calls. But, you can always do what you always do, which is send me an email at info@realmeals.org. That’s great too.

Alright. Now, there are lots of things I need to tell you about because June, which is coming up very soon- oh that rhymes- is a big month for some events, online events. And, so, let’s, let’s get started with some of them. There is a lifestyle medicine conference. It starts June 1st and everybody is in it. It’s June 1st to June 7th– the Lifestyle Medicine Summit– have you heard about it? They have a fun trailer that you can watch now for free and you can register to watch the film and then find out more about the summit. And there are some great speakers in it like Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. David Katz, Dr. Neil Barnard, Dr. Dean Ornish, Mimi Guarneri, Dr. Mimi Guarneri- she’s fantastic, Sayer Ji, and many more. And of course, this summit is free for you to listen to and then, like many other summits, I’m sure there’s an opportunity to buy the entire package if you don’t have time to sit and listen when they’re offering these things. But if you want to know more about this, I’ve got it at my website- responsibleeatingandliving.com. You can see it in the slider, or scroll down to the news events, and the Lifestyle Medicine Summit is there. But that’s not all! There is another summit that also starts on June 1st– how do we possibly listen to all of these things? There is so much information out there to learn and discover. This one I’m particularly excited about because I’m in it. It’s called Your Health Transformation Starts Now: How to Reclaim Your Vitality, Your Body, and Zest for Life. Now, I have to admit that there are over 20 health transformation experts in this program and I don’t know any of them. So, it’s going to be interesting for me, to tune in and find out about these people. See what I agree with, see what I don’t agree with. But I am a part of it and I was really happy to be able to share my message and my story with so many other people. And this is a global event. The woman who is creating this event, Rena Phillips, is in Australia. And we have this fantastic opportunity to share all of our ideas and information from all over the world. All in one place, here on the World Wide Web.

Okay. Now next, am I saving the best online event for last? Yes. So, this is, I’m looking for it here, it’s the Healthy Eating Power Hour with John and Ocean Robbins. And the Power Hour is a free event. You sign up, and there’s one tonight. So if you’re listening now, I recommend going to responsibleeatingandliving.com. Click on the Healthy Eating Power Hour series and sign up. This is, like I said, a free event. There’s a lot of wonderful things they talk about. And this is with John and Ocean Robbins. And this time, they’ve been doing the Healthy Eating, Healthy Eating Power Hour series for a long time. A few years now. This time, they’ve got special guests. So tonight, the special guest is Joel Fuhrman, and there will be an opportunity after the hour to have your questions answered. And let me tell you this, I’m working this event behind the scenes. So I will be reading and reviewing the questions and feeding them to John and Ocean and Joel, for them to answer. So this is an exciting, for me, and I can’t wait for tonight and I hope you’ll sign up and join me. But if you can’t listen in tonight, that’s okay. There are two more opportunities to hear the Power Hour and one is, I think it’s June 1st and then June 4th. But you’ll have to register and find out. So please do that. For me and for you and for food. Good food. So those are the online events.

Now I want to tell you about the live events because, you know, it’s really convenient to learn so many things online. I love it and I find, it’s a great way to reach so many more people. I love the Internet, I love sharing information on the Internet. I love its reach. It’s true that it has its advantages and disadvantages because there is lots of good information but there is also a lot of crazy, “where did this come from?” information and some people unfortunately follow it and believe it. But there is nothing better than a live event where you are physically in a place with real people and you’re able to look at them, touch them, look into their eyes, hear their voices, and share in a community event and share delicious food together. So even though you cannot handle the quantity of people in an event like that, because the numbers are eliminated, the numbers are limited in a small space. There’s nothing better than the one-on-one or being with people together. So, the Esselstyn family has several events every year, and I promoted them last year, and I’m promoting them this year. I’ve only heard wonderful things about these events. And the next two that are coming up, you’ve got time to plan, one is called Plant Stock, and that’s taking place at their farm in upstate New York, and it’s August 18th to the 20th. And there’ll be speakers and great food and they’re also having a week long immersion in October, the 2nd to the 8th, and this is another phenomenal event. Find out more about these, they are also posted on my website, responsibleeatingandliving.com. Responsibleeatingandliving.com. So those are the things that are going on and that is a beautiful thing. Great.

So let’s see. I had a guest for the first part of this program, Amber Bodily, and we’re having trouble connecting with her. So, I hope she joins us soon, and if not, we will just have our conversation without her, until we bring on my next guest. So I wanted to share something. You know, I love food, okay? You know I love food. But I love when you can use food to do things other than feed yourselves in a nutritious way. What am I talking about? I’m talking about cleaning products. So I made a great brunch, my partner, Gary, and I made a great brunch for Memorial Day, and I made waffles. My, one of my favorite buckwheat waffle recipes. Gary made his French quote eggs, which is a fantastic, rich, festive dish. And we had all kinds of lovely schmears and things, and you can see what we had, when I post my What Vegans Eat Blog today, on yesterday’s food. But I made a blueberry pear compote and I love these compotes because they’re sweet, and colorful, so easy to make, and they make a great topping for pancakes and waffles, instead of those extra sugary, sweet syrups. We had a spill. And some of the blueberries splashed over everything, including one of my white napkins, whatever. And you know, I look online how to clean blueberry, and I see that if you use a little laundry detergent and vinegar, you can get it clean. But nobody recommends what I recommend, which is: you don’t do it quickly. You don’t try to do it in 15 minutes. That’s like not enough. I take a bucket or have a little tub and I put the napkin in, with the laundry detergent, and I didn’t even have white vinegar, I used apple cider vinegar- that’s all I had. And I poured some in there, I could see like in the first half hour, the stain was lightening. Leave it overnight, and then it’s magic. Everything is clean. So you know we live in this super fast society. We want everything now. And with stains, I find, and if you want to gently remove certain stains on things that you care about, don’t rush. Let things soak overnight. Sometimes you might have to do a second soak. And it depends on what it is. Not all stains respond to the same thing. It’s a chemistry lesson. Sometimes I’ll use hydrogen peroxide, or sometimes I’ll use hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, and it’s kind of fun to see the stains change colors. It might go from blue to a reddish pink, and then back to blue and red as you go from alkaline to acid. There’s a lot of great information online about what different foods can be removed with vinegar or peroxide, sometimes alcohol, and sometimes just water. But take the time. Don’t expect it to happen quickly. So I got out my blueberry stain and that’s my happy blueberry story for you. Great.

So the next thing I want to talk about, is all food related, of course, because this is all about food. We just celebrated Gary’s birthday. And we went out and about for the last three days and had some really fantastic food in our own neighborhood, and around town, and I just wanted to talk a little bit about that. We met up with some of my friends that I really hadn’t socialized in a long time and I want to share this story because it’s kind of touching to me. My friend, John Phillips, who I interviewed last week, he connected us with a woman, Rachel Atcheson, who is now working as a community liaison with our mayor. And this is great because she is a vegan and has, is doing the animal connection to the community. And I’m sure she’ll do a great job. We had this opportunity to all meet and greet at this restaurant called V Spot in Manhattan, and the food was fantastic. We all had things that were completely different. You could have things that were clean, rich, of course everything was vegan, the V Spot is for “V” is for vegan. But what was really lovely about it was seeing John in action because we mentioned last week, I met him when he was a teenager. He volunteered for me, and now he’s this amazing activist. And I cannot, I cannot insist enough, again, just like talking about the Esselstyn’s event, where you’re face to face with people in community. If you’re passionate about plant food and activism and you’re frustrated because your family and your social network aren’t supporting you, find places that are. Talk to people and together, we inspire each other- young and old- perhaps you can take a younger person under your wing and share the trials and tribulations of being ahead of the game, eating healthy plant foods, because only good can come out of it, right? Right.

All right. I was really looking forward to my first guest and unfortunately, I hope nothing terrible has happened. But we’re not able to connect with her. We were going to be talking about this foot, it’s called Footzonology, and I’m really curious about it because I don’t know much about it. Do you? You know, it’s like the “head bone is connected to the la-de-dah” and I was hoping to learn some new things. Maybe some other time. So, where are all of you today and what are you doing and what are you eating?

As I mentioned, we made this great brunch for my parents yesterday. And the wonderful thing about taking the time to make food is that there are leftovers afterwards. And I really enjoyed some wonderful leftovers today. It’s like a gift to yourself when you prepare food and then you have it for yourself later and you don’t have to do anything. Just enjoy it, which is what I did today. And it was a combination of great things that I put together to make something else fantastic, which was some leftovers from our neighbor, Green Zenphony restaurant. And please if you ever make it to New York City, I know Manhattan is the hot spot, but there’s so many great things happening in Queens that you should not tune it out. And one of them is this restaurant, Green Zenphony. I hope you have a chance to check it out.

And there’s our theme song, isn’t it? Mr. Softee is back. Well you know what we’re going to do, we are going to start my second guest a little earlier since we can’t connect with my first guest, oh gosh. I am really disappointed. When he is with us, and as soon as he’s with us, I will bring him on because that’s going to be a lot of fun as well. Meanwhile, let’s talk about some of my latest recipes. You know, I spoke with Del Sroufe last week, you may remember, who has the China Study Family Cookbook, and I said that I was going to make donuts for Gary’s birthday and I did. And the recipe, he let me share it, so it’s on the Responsible Eating and Living website. What’s fantastic about this recipe, like we talked about last week, is it’s made with real foods- you don’t have to go and look for any strange ingredients. You can go to any supermarket and get the foods that are in this recipe and the donuts are sweetened with sweet potatoes and date puree. And I still can’t get over this. So he has a chocolate frosting recipe for his donuts made with sweet potatoes. It’s amazing. And then I thought I would do a variation on it and you can see the variation on my website. I made a, kind of, like a maple-y vanilla, lighter colored frosting. It’s not maple though, it’s date puree. And I added a little Maca powder in it, so it has a superfood kick to it in a donut. These donuts are fantastic. And my next plan is to use a gluten free flour, because I used a wheat flour this time, and see how it turns out. And I will certainly let you know. And I hope you’ll check it out. I also added a new scramble recipe. And this is really super easy and really tasty. And it’s almost scary. Because this is a recipe that uses tofu and chickpea flour but it almost has that gooiness of scrambled eggs so I invite you to try that. I named it after me: Caryn Eggs.

Transcribed by Lora Kim 8/28/2017

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