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Support REAL’S Kickstarter

REAL Founder, Caryn Hartglass has been invited to talk about animal agriculture’s impact on climate change before a bull sale at a livestock company. She’s also been asked to sing our National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner at this event. Help in the preparation for the talk and music by supporting this Kickstarter. It’s tax…

Remembering Robert Goodland

Remembering Robert Goodland, “The Conscience of the World Bank”Robert Goodland passed away just a few days ago on December 28, 2013. Although I never met him face to face, I admired his work and had the opportunity to interview him on my radio program, It’s All About Food, back in 2010. When I was scheduling…

Jonathan Bailor and The Smarter Side Of Slim

Jonathan Bailor, author of the new book The Calorie Myth interviews Caryn Hartglass on The Smarter Side Of Slim radio podcast. Listen to the interview on It’s All About Food when Caryn interviews Jonathan Bailor.

The Swingin’ Gourmets meet Dr. Fuhrman

The Swingin’ Gourmets performed at Dr. Fuhrman’s Weekend Health Immersion at the Hanover Marriott last evening. Here are some of the pictures from the show. For more on Dr. Fuhrman and the Weekend Health Immersions visit For more on The Swingin’ Gourmets visit

Spinach Gnocchi, gluten-free

Yes, gnocchi can be vegan, gluten-free and easy. We just received a sample from Caesar’s Pasta of Spinach Gnocchi and Potato Gnocchi, both vegan and gluten-free. They are delicious topped with our REAL Classic Italian Tomato Sauce and REAL

REAL Inspiration

There are no coincidences. I met Bilal while renting a car for Responsible Eating And Living. He was managing the car rental office and he asked about my business. I can’t resist an opportunity to talk about food and I told him why I founded REAL and what we do. I had no idea until…

i Eat Green Radio

i Eat Green Radio host, Bhavani Jaroff interviews Caryn Hartglass. LISTEN iEat Green is a motivational, educational organization founded by Bhavani Jaroff, that provides tools to schools, corporations and families in their quest to becoming “Greener.” iEat Green will assess your situation and initiate the right program for your family, constituents or organization. Whether you…

The Natural Nurse interviews Caryn Hartglass

The Natural Nurse Radio Show, host Ellen Kamhi, interviews Caryn Hartglass. LISTEN Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, a-HNC, AHG, The Natural Nurse® has been involved in Natural Medicine since 1973, when she directed a program in Ethnobotany at Cochise College in Douglas, Arizona. Dr. Kamhi attended Rutgers and Cornell Universities, sat on the Panel of Traditional…