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Andrea Young, Sweet Vegan

Sweet Vegan offers the satisfaction of enjoying your favorite desserts without the guilt. Our featured Tremendous Truffles are a delicious vegan treat made with fresh, organic ingredients. No Nuts, or Soy. Gluten-free. The company was started in 2016 by the Vegan Chef, Andrea Young who has taught classes at Integral Yoga, Catered extensively and worked…

Gary De Mattei, REAL Vegan in 2020

Gary De Mattei, REAL Vegan in 2020 Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by going vegan. Tune in today to hear IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD host, Caryn Hartglass and featured guest, Gary De Mattei talk about all things REAL vegan in 2020.    

Jami Dulaney MD, Plant Based Wellness

Jami Dulaney MD, Plant Based Wellness Dr. Dulaney practices Cardiology and Primary Care in her Wellness Practice in Port Charlotte, Florida. Members of her practice have the opportunity of attending three different nutrition class per week. Through plant based nutrition education, she has had remarkable success in reversing lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes,…