Chef Ramses Bravo, Bravo Express


Part I: Chef Ramses Bravo, Bravo Express

Part I: Chef Ramses Bravo, Bravo Express
Chef Ramses Bravo is the executive Chef for True North Health in Santa Rosa California.  He is the creator of where you can find his online plant based cooking courses.  He is the author of Bravo and Bravo Express cookbooks. Although he trained as a regular chef, with a little intervention from the universe, he found himself working as a plant based chef, and has been doing it for 12+ years now.

Part II: Hartglass & De Mattei, Cool Treats for Summer
Hartglass & De Mattei continue the theme of cooking SOS-free and review some of the best REAL recipes for summer.

Links mentioned in the program:
Aguas Frescas
Fresh Fruit Tart – Raw
Fruit Tart

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