Dr. Fuhrman’s Immune Biotect


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Back in 2006, I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer with a 10-20% survival rate. I was living a healthy lifestyle, how did this happen to me? I’ll never know why I got cancer, although I have my theories.  What I do know is this: I was determined to live. Through this trying time I learned that conventional medical treatment was not enough to beat the disease. The medical community did their part, but it was up to me to do the rest, in order to heal, survive and thrive. Thanks to Dr. Fuhrman and his books, I knew that boosting my immune system was essential.  During my treatment which included 3 major surgeries and two 4-month periods of aggressive chemotherapy, I focused on eating what Dr. Fuhrman calls GBOMBS: greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds, as well as taking lots and lots of supplements.  Fortunately for me, I beat that cancer and I am thriving. 

immune-biotectKeeping my immune system strong is still essential!  I eat well, exercise and take a few supplements. Immune Biotect is one of them. I was thrilled when Dr. Fuhrman came out with this product.  Immune Biotect is 100% vegan and comes in capsules that are easy to twist open if you want to add the contents to a smoothie or other beverage. Sometimes we add the purple powder to our homemade Almond Yogurt.  It gives the yogurt a lovely pink color and a mild berry flavor.

I was not surprised to see that Immune Biotect contains Astragalus. During my cancer treatment I had learned that when given along with chemo, Astragalus with its immune-building phytochemicals, has been shown to help shrink tumors, reduce mortality, and improve ability to perform daily activities. I included Astragalus in my supplement plan back then.

With its unique blend of berries, herbs and ten organic mushroom concentrates, Immune Biotect gives me peace of mind that my immune system is getting the support it needs.

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