Episode #108: Arsenic in Rice, GMOs in Corn, Calcium in Milk, Horses and Drugs


9/23/2012: In this program I covered a number of topics in the news this week. The links for the articles covered are below.

Consumer Reports, CR Investigate Arsenic In Your Food

FDA, Total Diet Study – Analytical Results, CFSAN/Office of Food Safety*, April 2001; Updated July 2008, January 2011, February 2012

Does GMO Corn Really Cause Tumors in Rats?

Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Failure to Pass Food, Farm and Jobs Bill

Animal abusers in N.Y. may have to register like sex offenders

Racing Economics Collide With Veterinarians’ Oath.

REAL Recipes:
We enjoyed Tofu Steaks and Tempeh in Barbecue Sauce this week.

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