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  1. Hi Brian have read your original book several times, I love it. I have lupus now do you think this will help me keep it in control. Thanks Jeannine

    • Hi Jeannine,

      This is not Brian’s website. You’ve reached the nonprofit Responsible Eating And Living. We produce the podcast called “It’s All About Food” that Brian appeared on.

      I recommend going to Brooke Gardner MD’s website for help with Lupus: https://goodbyelupus.com/.

      Kind regards,

      Caryn Hartglass

  2. Tour de France

    Hi Brian

    (My very old addresses for Brian M Delaney no longer worked.)
    Back in early CR days I contributed the thought that Tour de France seemed not to contribute much to athletes’ longevity.
    Somebody actually seems to have checked http://eurheartj.oxfordjournals.org/content/34/40/3145.abstract.html?etoc

    Conclusion from the study We observed a substantially and significantly lower mortality in participants in the Tour de France, compared with the general male population. However, our results do not allow us to assess in detail the balance between positive effects of high-level sports activity and selection of healthy elite athletes, vs. any potential deleterious effects of excessive physical exercise or alleged doping.

    Hope all is well with you, Brian.
    It is a good few years now – but I’m in for a half-marathon this next Sunday!
    I am a follower of Fauja Singh these days – but he could (can?) run marathons aged over 100 🙂

    very best wishes
    Phil Harris (England)

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