Robin Lamont, The Chain


Robin Lamont, The Chain
robin-lamontRobin Lamont worked as a Broadway actress and singer, playing lead roles in Godspell, Grease, and Working. Her original cast recording of “Day by “Day” and her film version of the song have drawn fans from around the world. Utilizing her acting experience she became an undercover investigator for a PI firm in New York City that specialized in investigations into counterfeiting. During that time she went to law school and later practiced as an Assistant District Attorney in New York.

More recently, while continuing her writing Robin volunteers for animal welfare organizations, trying to raise awareness about the plight of animals throughout the world. Visit Robin’s website

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  1. I woke up humming “Day by day”, I’me 64. I didnt get the words and looked up the tune. Godspell popped up. I’d never seen it, Patches and the gang made me cry with your storytelling.

  2. Robin,
    I remember as a sophmore in high school being in the youth choir at my church. Our music director ordered the music of Godspell and we sang many songs from it. Day by Day has always been a song that uplifted me and now I’m 67 years old and it restores my youth to watch it on youtube. The Lord has blessed me so much and your song reminds me how much I need Him every day.

    You are awesome,

    Joe Hudson

  3. Ms. Robin Lamont, your song, Day By Day is so inspiring to me. I am so grateful to my mother that she took me to see the show in 1977 when I was 9 years old.

    Thank you and all the success to you.


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