Fluffy Pancakes


Heart Pancakes

When using wheat flour, we love Einkorn. Considered one of the oldest grains known in the history of agriculture, we think it’s the most delicious in all kinds of baked goods. Einkorn also is the only wheat known to not have been hybridized.

1 cup flour: we use 1/2 cup organic white Einkorn and 1/2 cup organic whole wheat Einkorn flour
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 cup unsweetened plant milk: we use organic soy milk made with only soy beans and water
1-3 Tablespoons Maple Syrup (we use 1 tablespoon but some may like it sweeter)
1 Tablespoon oil for greasing the pan: we use organic canola oil

Brush a griddle pan with a little oil and turn the heat on to medium. Preheat oven to 200oF.
In a medium bowl combine the flours and baking powder. Add the plant milk and maple syrup to the dry ingredients and mix to incorporate. There can be a few small lumps, the batter does not have to be perfectly smooth.
Pour the batter on the pan to make a circle. We use a stainless steel ladle with about 1/3 cup batter to make about a 4-inch diameter circle. The back of the ladle can be used to quickly smooth the top of the pancake while the batter is still wet.
Cook the pancake for a couple of minutes. Air bubbles with appear on the the top and the batter dries. Carefully slide a spatula underneath and flip to the other side. Cook for about another two minutes.
Place pancake on an ovenproof plate in the oven, covered with a stainless bowl to keep warm while making the rest of the pancakes. The remaining pancakes can be stacked on top.
You may need to brush the griddle with a little oil before pouring more batter.
Serve with maple syrup. We like to warm up some syrup with a little vegan butter.
This recipe makes about 6-8 pancakes, or two servings. It scales up well to make more.
Sometimes we like to use a heart-shaped mold to make Heart Pancakes.
For a full breakfast, serve with our French Scramble and Home Fries.

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