Healthy Eating Power Hour


heph16-banner-ad-300x600Don’t miss the upcoming Healthy Eating Power Hour. One hour with John & Ocean Robbins will transform your kitchen!

Do you feel like healthy food is often time-consuming, costly, or confusing? You aren’t alone.

In a 2012 study, 52% of Americans said that doing their taxes was easier than figuring out how to eat healthy!

But in the face of frightening diet-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, not to mention common challenges with extra weight, lack of sleep, and low energy, you can’t afford to risk the food status quo.

The good news is that healthy eating habits don’t have to be hard to create and maintain if you know what to do.

Join John and Ocean Robbins for the Healthy Eating Power Hour and discover the simple steps to improving your nutritional habits!
This is your chance to demystify healthy eating and turn your kitchen into a nutritional powerhouse simply, easily and affordably — at NO CHARGE.

In just one hour, you’ll discover:
• How to create and sustain a passion for healthy eating.
• The 3 point power program that makes healthy eating simple, cost effective and fun.
• Why you shouldn’t eat most of the products found in health food stores and how to spot these “health-food” impostors.
• 3 healthy and delicious recipes you can prepare quickly and for less than $5.
• Nutritious, delicious and AFFORDABLE foods that are easy to integrate into your diet

Giving your kitchen a nutritional makeover isn’t hard when you have the support of seasoned experts you can trust. http://

John Robbins is already a hero to millions because he walked away from his father’s Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire to become one of the world’s leading spokespeople for health and sustainability.

John’s books about food and health have sold over 2 million copies, and he and his son, Ocean, have spent decades helping millions to step into healthier lives.

Now they’re here to help you do the same.

When you put the simple lessons from the the Healthy Eating Power Hour http:// into practice, you’ll have a healthier body, a healthier home, and more time and energy for the things you love.

Discover easy ways to make healthy eating a reality in your life.

Reserve your FREE spot now.

BONUS: Get complimentary access to the Healthy Eating Power Hour, PLUS the Plant-Powered & Thriving Starter Kit, complete with healthy and yummy recipes you can start using today. It’s a great resource for saving time and money while stepping into greater health and is yours to keep when you register for the Power Hour.

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