REAL Visits the Millennium Restaurant



Interview with Chef Eric Tucker of the The Millennium Restaurant

This is Part III of the second episode of REAL GOOD NEWS IN REVIEW featuring a visit to the Millennium Restaurant.
The Millennium Restaurant is located at 580 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. For more than 20 years, the award winning Millennium Restaurant has been leading the way in organic, plant-based cuisine. We were sad to learn that their lease with the Hotel California will be ending and they will be closing around May 1. We are opening the vault and rebroadcasting our 2009 interview with Chef Eric Tucker, Millennium’s executive chef and co-owner since inception, in gratitude for all the beautiful meals we have had at Millennium. Thanks to Eric Tucker, principle owners Ann and Larry Wheat and the entire Millennium Family for making this world a better place, so deliciously!

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