Nava Atlas, Plant-Powered Protein


Nava Atlas, Plant-Powered Protein
Nava Atlas is a vegan cooking expert and the author of many bestselling cookbooks, including 5-Ingredient Vegan, Vegan on a Budget, Wild About Greens, and Vegan Holiday Kitchen. Nava also creates visual books on women’s issues and runs two websites, and She lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York State with her family.

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  1. Yeah, no lickin the faux chikin!!!/pages!!! Bit I have licked the screen on my phone several times looking at your recipes. It ensures my screen gets cleaned frequently unlike most people….nasty screens!!!!

    And yes…you played right into my wheelhouse – It really is all about Love. It comes to me many times a day as I hear that refrain: will send an illustration that came to recently….

    Another great show with the usual immense and joyful repartee!!!! Vive de faire (?)….

    Good luck theatrically. Visual or not, y’all’s good theatre – food – food – food!!! Real and Reel fuud!!!!

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