Raw Nectarine Tart



This recipe is for two individual tarts. Double, triple, quadruple the recipe if so desired. Total time to prepare these tarts is about 8 minutes (and that’s if you’re moving really slowly).

1/2 cup raw almonds
2 to 3 (depending on size) raw medjool dates (pitted)

Chop the almonds to the size of coffee beans.
Grind the almonds to a meal/powder in a spice/coffee bean grinder.
The dates should be very soft. If not, chop the dates first, then knead them in with the almond powder to make a dough.
Separate the dough in half.
Press each half of the dough into two individual sized tart pans

1 nectarine (sliced)
1 whole raw pecan (halved).

Half the nectarine. Slice each half thinly and fan on top of the crust, Garnish with a peach half.

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