REAL Gluten-Free Flour


Many of our REAL recipes call for gluten-free flour or use a mix we have created. This is the blend we like best: 1 part rolled oats, 1 part millet, 1 part garbanzo bean flour. This mix has no starch and no added gums. It is made with whole foods. PLEASE use all-organic ingredients. One reason we started making our own blend is because it is hard to find an organic gluten-free flour mix.

1 cup rolled oats
1 cup millet
1 cup garbanzo bean flour

1. In a high-powered blender, process oats and millet together until ground to a fine powder. Add in garbanzo bean flour and blend until mixed.
2. If you want to make a larger quantity you can blend the oats and millet together in the blender and then mix the flours together in a large bowl with the garbanzo bean flour.
3. Store flour mix in a covered container and keep refrigerated.

You may substitute other grains for the grain flours. I have used oats, casava and garbanzo; oats, sorghum and garbanzo; and rice, millet and garbanzo.


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