Responsible Eating And Living Is Launched!


Welcome to Responsible Eating And Living. We are a brand new nonprofit organization that has just launched. Let us know what you think!

  5 comments for “Responsible Eating And Living Is Launched!

  1. How wonderful! I’m telling all my family and friends to come and learn, learn, learn from Caryn and this organization.

  2. this is awesome. it is all right here. very exciting and infomative. thanx for making this available so that we can be healthier!

  3. The site looks beautiful! And the message could not be more important. Congratulations on the launch. I am looking forward to being inspired, informed and empowered by your continued excellence.

  4. Fabulous site! I subscribe to “Ask a Vegan” and “It’s All about Food” on iTunes, and, although I have been vegan for about 17 years now, I always learn something new. In fact, Caryn’s anti-salt “rants” helped me to once and for all cut frozen meals and most other packaged foods from my diet, significantly reducing my sodium intake. Not only is my blood pressure back to normal, but I get fewer headaches, as well. Thanks so much for everything!

  5. Excellent and unique stuff. Good luck.
    Hope you received the donation from the Corona Lions Club.

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