Sersie Blue and Gigi Carter, Healthy for My Purpose


Healthy For My Purpose, Sersie Blue and Gigi Carter

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Sersie Blue and Gigi Carter, Healthy for My Purpose
Sersie Blue is a health coach, and Gigi Carter is a certified nutritionist. Together, they created Healthy for My Purpose, a program birthed during the pandemic to address the impact of comorbidities and the disproportionate number of COVID-19 deaths in the Black community. Healthy for My Purpose is made up of several programs and resources designed to help Christians take charge of their health. It includes Healthy Christian Woman Bootcamp, Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living 4-Week Program, Daniel’s Plate Recipe Website, and the Healthy for My Purpose Podcast. Sersie and Gigi are launching their new book, Daniel Fast: Why You Should Only Do It Once September 2023. This book empowers the reader to take charge of their health by using the Daniel Fast as a jumping-off point to a long-term sustainable lifestyle.

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