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Interviews with Jim VanDerPol and Jason Das

5/30/2012: Part I: Jim VanDerPol Conversations with the Land Jim VanDerPol farms and writes in a western Minnesota world very different from the one in which he was raised in the 1950s and 1960s. The small, diversified farms and tight-knit communities of his youth have been replaced by town jobs and gigantic equipment operating on…

Gary De Mattei Interviews ASK A VEGAN host, Caryn Hartglass

5/20/2012: Responsible Eating And Living Creative Director interviews the host of the Ask A Vegan show, Caryn Hartglass. Caryn talks about her journey from vegetarian to vegan. They discuss transition foods, farmers markets, CSA’s, locally grown food, grilling and vegan cheese.

Interviews with Priscilla Feral and Nick Brannigan

2/8/2012: Part I: Priscilla Feral Friends Of Animals Priscilla Feral is the Friends of Animal President, who works out of FoA’s International Headquarters in Darien, Connecticut. 2/8/2012: Part II: Nick Branningan Genetically Modified Food Nick Brannigan is the author of I’m Eating WHAT?!?: The Health Risks of Genetically Modified Food and 10 Real World Solutions…