Feeding Kids, GMO Apples, Japanese Festivals, Bastille Day, FAO, Lyme Disease


7/15/2012 Episode #99:

A listener who recently went vegan wants her child to eat vegan too. I give some helpful tips on how to feed kids vegan. I also recommend a couple of books by Ruby Roth for children to learn about why some people don’t eat animals.

I gave some thoughts on people keeping chickens after I read the following article:
“Backyard Flocks are the trendy new things” which you can find here by downloading the newsletter: http://www.mercurynews.com/rose-garden.

Yesterday was Gustav Klimt’s 150th Anniversary, and I recommend reading my story on Klimt.

I spoke briefly about the Obon Festival in San Jose, CA and having vegan treats from The Inspired Cookie Company at Roy’s Station, a local coffee shop in Japantown.

In honor of Bastille Day yesterday in France I spoke about the vegan restaurant Tugalik in Paris.

Apples continue to be in the news and it’s not all good. I spoke about the genetically modified apple by Okanagan Specialty Fruits designed not to brown when cut open.

I discussed the unfortunate news in the recent New York Times Mark Bittman blog on July 11 entitled FAO Yields to Meat Industry Pressure on Climate Change by Robert Goodland.

With Lyme Disease seemingly on the rise, I talk about some things to look out for to avoid it.

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