The Tofu Club


This is a such a satisfying sandwich!

2- 12 oz package of firm tofu, drained
vegetable oil — for grilling the tofu and the bacon
8 slices of bread
vegan mayonnaise
4 slices tempeh bacon
4 large lettuce leaves
2 tomatoes sliced
16 sandwich picks or 8 teriyaki skewers cut in half
16 pimento stuffed olives — for garnishing the sandwich picks
16 cherry tomatoes

Slice each tofu block lengthwise into eight thin rectangles. Oil the frying pan or griddle well, set on medium heat. Place the tofu slices on the griddle or pan and brown each side. Let cook at least 7 minutes per side. Flip tofu and cook another 7 minutes. Add eight slices of tempeh bacon to the griddle to heat. While the tofu and tempeh are cooking you can toast the bread.

Prepare the sandwich picks, placing a cherry tomato and olive on each one. When using bamboo skewers, cut them in half with kitchen shears. Decorate them with olives and cherry tomatoes. You may want to use pickles or other colorful vegetables. I find this is nicer than frill picks that use cellophane.

Now prepare the toasted bread. As with other “BLT” style sandwiches, the club sandwich is usually served on toasted bread, but plain or grilled bread may also be used. Start by spreading the toast with the vegan mayonnaise on both sides. Top one slice with lettuce, tomato — the other half is for the tofu and tempeh. To assemble the sandwich spread the vegan mayonnaise on the toast. Place two tofu slices on one slice of toast and then add two slices of tempeh bacon (each cut in half) Top with lettuce and tomato slices. Close the sandwich with the other slice. Place the toothpicks as show on the show prior to slicing the sandwich into the traditional four triangles. Or, you can slice the sandwich first and then secure each triangle with a toothpick.

Watch Part III of the Sandwich Episode to see how the Tofu Club is made.

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