“Sproutman” Steve Meyerowitz, 7-Day Just Juice Diet


sproutmanPart I: “Sproutman” Steve Meyerowitz, 7-Day Just Juice Diet.
Steve Meyerowitz, “the Sproutman” is known world-wide for his pioneering work on sprouting, juicing, fasting, and detoxification.
In Part II, Caryn covers the recent expose from Compassion In World Farming regarding chicken, plus arsenic in rice, and news on other whole grains and pseudo grains, like quinoa.

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  1. The digestive process is much more complex than I think most of realize. It takes a lot of energy, and I think it has effects we don’t know too much about. But, it is reasonable, that just as a car needs some TLC – generally on a quarterly basis – our bodies to need a reset/ala our computers et.al. We focus more on what we put in to our cars – many time – than what we put in our bodies.
    I am aware of fasting ala Tru-North et.al…..and wrestle with Juice fast/Smoothie fast//or as Alan Goldhamer says is necessary – water only fast. I am so focused on eating well/right/and so focused on food that I find it hard to fast……and/or as I have heard so much about recently – “Intermittent Fasting”/consuming our food in an 8 hour window/fasting the other 16 hours…./no breakfast……. A little different that the take Harvey and Marilyn Diamond recommend….cycles.

    Ocean Robbins sent me a note about the North Carolina chicken farmer/and I did watch that movie today. Don’t need no damn chickens!!!!!/or other living creatures!!!!!!
    Rice/and complications; concerns about our babies; Arsenic/yuck!!!!!!
    Amaranth, Barley, Bulghar, Buckwheat, Farrah, Millet, Polenta Grits, Quinoa……..!!!!!!!!!

    Quinoa: Amazing global/popular repercussions; versus monocropping….
    Like corn for animals/and fuel…..

    Macca/I do like it…./heard it is popular in China/raising the costs……darn!!!!! I have been adding a teaspoon a day to my grains et.al…… Not sure the effect/but I do feel good; Is it Macca or Hemp Seeds/or Nutritional Yeast or….greens…..

    Jeff Novick teaches us how to read labels/don’t need to read labels/if we avoid things with labels. Eat REAL food!!!!!

    Thanks Caryn!!!!!!

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