Vegan Restaurateurs and COVID-19




Vegan Restaurateurs and COVID-19
We spoke with several vegan owners and managers on how they are handling their business during the pandemic. Interviews include:
Marty Krutolow, Marty’s V Burger, New York, NY
Vladimir Grinberg, The Organic Grill, New York, NY
Ravi DeRossi, DeRossi Global, New York, NY
Patricia and Rahein Jones, The New Vegan, Delray Beach, FL
Naijha Wright-Brown, The Land of Kush, Baltimore, MD
Sunny Mueller, Vegetarian House, San Jose, CA
LINKS mentioned in the program:
Support + Feed: Donate to help vegan restaurants feed people in Los Angeles and New York during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Derossi Global GoFundMe Campaign: Donate to help feed NYC children and adults in need of food during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Support businesses in Baltimore like The Land of Kush by purchasing an e-gift card at
Naijha Wright-Brown’s YouTube Channel
OG Talk, Organic Grill’s video podcast


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