Oat Waffles With Tofu Cream And Raspberry Coulis, Gluten-Free


wafflesI love waffles for breakfast. These waffles taste so decadent, but it’s simply a bowl of oatmeal in another form. Indulge yourself!

Blend together the following ingredients:
1 ¼ cup rolled oats or 1 cup oats and 1/4 cup cornmeal
4 tablespoons ground flax seeds
¼ cup sunflower and/or pumpkin seeds
2 tablespoons cornstarch or Ener-G Egg Replacer
2 cups water
1 tsp fennel seeds
Vegetable cooking oil for the waffle iron

Oatmeal flour can be used instead of grinding up the rolled oats. Other nuts or seeds can be used instead of the sunflower or pumpkin seeds. They can be added ground up or chopped, depending on your preference. I never do it the same way.

Let mixture sit for 5 – 10 minutes.  Heat the waffle iron.  Lightly oil the surface.  Spoon ¼ mixture into each waffle space. Let cook for about 10 minutes.  Top with RASPBERRY COULIS and TOFU CREAM.

Serves 4.

  4 comments for “Oat Waffles With Tofu Cream And Raspberry Coulis, Gluten-Free

  1. I made them and loved them but i added some leavening, 1.5 teasp of baking powder to help them rise in the waffle iron and not be leadden… Do you really make them without any leavening???

    • I’ve made this recipe many, many times, or variations on it and never used baking powder. If I am making pancakes I would definitely add baking powder, but not for the waffles. They always come out wonderful. With or without, glad you liked them!

  2. My 2 year old son and I just finished making your waffle recipe and it is our favorite waffles yet! We added 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste.

    Thank you and I really enjoy, (It’s all about food and Ask a Vegan)!

    I have been transitioning to a plant based diet for 2 months now and I’m around 95% so far and your shows keep me motivated and inspired to keep on track.

    Dean H.

    • Thanks, Dean. Isn’t it fun to eat something that seems too yummy and decadent to be good for you too? You are doing something wonderful for you, your son and the planet.

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