Walking the Walk, Farm Life in Costa Rica


May 6, 2012: I spoke with my friend Beth Corwin who moved to Costa Rica with her family nine years ago from the U. S. She shares her reasons for leaving the U.S. and choosing Costa Rica, her joys and challenges with living in Central America. For more on Beth Corwin and her family visit their website VidaNatural.info

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  1. Would love an update on how this family is doing! Lovely interview. Unfortunatley their website is not avilable.

  2. Thank you for this interview. I really enjoyed it, and wish I had a friend like this in Costa Rica to go and visit! I’m deciding on a place to relocate and create a sustainable homestead, and considered outside of the US. But as a single woman, I don’t want to be that far removed from people, culture, social activity, as well as the health food store! Miss you on Sunday’s before Gary – – –

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