What Vegans Eat – Day 1064, Travel Edition


Breakfast: In the morning we started with Teeccino. I am really loving this no-caffeine, coffee-like beverage.
Lunch: It’s raining. We needed to do some food shopping but decided to eat first, at Khahn’s. Everyone else seemed to be thinking the same thing, the place was packed. We ordered the same dishes we always do – Tofu Rolls, Vegetable Combination for me and Rice Vermicelli with Vegetables for Gary.

Snack: At rehearsals, one of the co-producers who is also in the show often likes to bring us snacks. We got bananas today, a welcomed treat.

Dinner: Back at the house we are staying at we were trying to decide whether or not to eat something. As you may have noticed we are not eating a lot. For me, eating has been difficult with my sore jaw from having root canal. I am happy to eat my Red Lentils with Tahini.

Gary got messy and made some Rice Crackers with Bananas and Peanut Butter.

I had bought Gary a jar of Italian Chamomile Tea. He doesn’t drink caffeine anymore and I wanted him to have some fun choices of teas to choose from. We tried this tea last week and it had a bizarre bitterness to it which was very disappointing. I thought we could try it again but this time, I served it Russian-style, mixing it with Peach Preserves to sweeten it. It helped a lot.

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