What Vegans Eat – Day 1070, Travel Edition


Breakfast: I was meeting my friend Nancy from San Francisco and her 7-year-old son Robby and we were going to go to Vasona Park to spend a few hours. I had a quick Teeccino and a Rice Cake so that I could take my Aleve for the day. I am still taking Aleve for my lockjaw. It’s been slowly improving but the soreness is still present.
Lunch: After a few rounds on the Carousel for Robby and watching him ride his bike around the circular path we were all hungry. Robby wanted Mexican food so Andale’s was the obvious choice. It didn’t matter that Gary and I were there yesterday. I orderd a Mixed Green Salad with a side of Black Beans and Rice. Gary joined us and ordered his Vegetarian Burrito with no cheese and added Tofu. I could eat this way every day!

Dinner: On the way home from a late rehearsal we hit the Safeway grocery store. It’s open twenty-four hours and is a good place for organic Salad Greens and distilled water. We also found Organic, low sodium Vegetable Broth and organic Maitake mushrooms. When we got to the pool house we made one of our favorite big soups. To the Vegetable Broth we added the leftover Rice Blend and Gurus Curry from the Vegetarian House and some cooked Sweet Potatoes. And to that we added Tofu and Arugula. We each had three bowls and we ended the evening with satisfied bellies.


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