What Vegans Eat – Day 1071, Travel Edition


Breakfast: The flu is now an epidemic around the United States. We were given a big basket of Oranges and Lemons from Gary’s cousin Nancy. I am committed to eating them everyday as part of our immunity plan. I ate a Rice Cracker with Peanut Butter too. I made a tea too, an Italian Chamomile mix that is too bitter to drink on its own. Brewing it with a few dried Apricots makes it delicious. And the cooked Apricots are a nice treat too.

Lunch: After broadcasting my radio show with Paul Shapiro, talking about his new book Clean Meat, we hit Tofoo Com Chay for a late lunch. We had the Chinese Veg Chicken Salad first.

And then went for the Pho. There are lots of plant meats in this soup, no animal cultured cells lab meat necessary!

Dinner: Late in the rehearsal I was glad that the co-producer brought me a Banana. I shared it with Gary.

Daily Green Juice: I mentioned a while back we wanted to re-introduce Green Juices back into the daily routine. It’s not possible to juice while we are on the road and we can’t always find juice bars that will make Green Juice onsite so sometimes, I’ll buy a bottled juice. I got this one at StarBucks.

Evening: With the rehearsal finished Gary and I were back in the pool house wanting to eat. I knew what I wanted. Gary’s cousin Nancy had given us some food items in December. We still had the Black Bean Pasta. I wanted to try it with an Avocado Cream Sauce. Gary added some Arugula to the pasta cooking water and topped the dish with Walnuts. He had made Oatmeal for himself but took a few bits of the pasta. We both agreed, this dish is a winner. The Avocado Cream Sauce was simply one mashed Avocado, nothing else. I couldn’t eat it all and look forward to leftovers. Gary saw the photo and has now dubbed the dish The Smiling Pile of Poo Pasta.


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