What Vegans Eat – Day 1092, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Tonight we have our Tech Rehearsal for The Music Man. Gary set out early to get back to the theater. There is still much to do to make tonight’s rehearsal more efficient. I was on my own to work on other projects. Maté was my tea for the day. As I worked I ate a pear, a banana and some almonds.
Lunch: I finished up what was left of the Arugula and topped it with Almonds. I could graze on Arugula all day, just plan, no dressing. I know many people find it bitter. Not me. I love its complex flavor.

Dinner: At 3pm I drove over to Castillero Middle School to pick up instruments that we were borrowing for the kids to use in The Music Man. When I got back to the theater Gary was ready for a dinner break. Khanh’s is close to the Hoover Theater and they are open all day on the week days. We started with the usual Tofu Rolls.

It was the Tofu, Shiitake and Vegetable Combination for me. I drank a lot of Jasmine tea to and took some to go with me. It was going to be a long night.

Rice Vermicelli with Vegetables and Tofu is what Gary always gets.


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