What Vegans Eat – Day 1097, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Conducting two shows a day is a test of endurance! After yesterday’s two shows I woke up weary. We have two more shows today. Gary made me a thermos of Maté.
Lunch: In between shows we went to Khahn’s. On the weekends they open up at 4:30pm. We got there at 4:20pm and waited. It was worth waiting for. I’ve posted photos of the food we get at Khahn’s many times: Tofu Rolls, Tofu with Shiittake and Vegetables and the Vermicelli and Vegetable Combination. I drank a lot of Jasmine tea. I needed a little more caffeine to keep me going today.
Dinner: After the second show we got back to the pool house. Now it’s time to relax. We have two days off coming up. I made Kale Salad with Avocado, Bell Peppers, Red Onion and Tahini Dressing and served it with Baked Tofu.


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