What Vegans Eat – Day 1139


Breakfast: Another big today ahead with a full day of auditions followed by an evening of call back auditions. I prepared our thermoses of tea for the day, black tea for me, mint for Gary. We had some simple cooked Oatmeal with Apples and were off.

Dinner: In between the day of auditions that ended at 5pm and the callbacks that were to begin at 6:30pm we went to Khanh’s for dinner. We always order the same things, the owner Ann knows them by heart. Do you? We started with Tofu Rolls and vacuumed them down as soon as they arrived.

I had the Vegetable Combination, Gary had his Rice Vermicelli with Vegetables.

Evening: Back at callback auditions, we sipped on Suja Organic Green Juices and Forager Organic Nuts and Vanilla smoothies.


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