What Vegans Eat – Day 1185, Travel Edition


Breakfast: I couldn’t wait to get out and run again this morning. I made sure I drank a lot before leaving the house and I didn’t run as long as yesterday. I felt good when I returned and ready to eat. There was plenty of Kale Salad from yesterday. After Lori took some for her morning meal, I finished the rest.

Lunch: We had a late lunch. I was leaving to go home on an evening flight. I made Brown Rice and Lentils and sautéed some Kale with Garlic and Onions. There was some Organic Victoria’s Tomato Sauce in the cupboard. I like to blend it with Lentils to make a “Bolognaise” sauce. The sauce went well on the rice. And as always there was plenty leftover.

Dinner: Once at the airport for an 8:15pm flight, I learned the flight was delayed until 8:45pm. Then 10:10pm. I went to get provisions. It would be a long night. Fortunately I found some relatively clean items – Larabars and Clif Bars were on one side of shelves with snack offerings.

Luna Bars were on the other side. Luna and Clif are made by the same company. The Clif bars were $3.50 for 2.4 ounces and the Luna bars were $3.71, yet smaller at 1.69 ounces. What was that about? Was there gender price discrimination here? The Luna bar is “designed” for women whatever that’s supposed to mean. I thought too that the Clif bars were always vegan. Either I am wrong or things have changed because some of the Clif bars had whey protein (blech!). The Larabar seemed the best for nutrition and price so I got one. I picked up a bottled Green Juice too. It was a smart move.

As we queued up to board sometime after 10pm the flight was canceled! First it was delayed for weather, then canceled for mechanical problems. Ah, the joys of flying. I quickly reserved a flight home for 5:55am in the morning and got a room at the Hampton Inn.

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