What Vegans Eat – Day 120 (Special Travel Edition)


Breakfast: I am enjoying the grazing concept I started a few days ago and I did a repeat for breakfast – kale leaves and orange slices with Kukitcha tea.
Lunch: We went to Veggie Grill in Westlake! What fun is that? A lot, with a lot of yummy menu items – ALL VEGAN!!! I had the Banh Mi Salad with organic pressed and glazed tofu, chargrilled eggplant, house-pickled carrots, white cabbage, fresh jalapenos, basil, cilantro, mint, marinated kale. Veggie Grill – what took you so long? I wish you had been here 25 years ago.
Gary had the B-Wing Salad with tasty Buffalo Wings over chopped romaine, avocado, celery, tomato corn salsa, creamy ranch dressing.
Dinner: I met a friend for dinner at Tofu House in Palo Alto and we shared some edamame, a green salad topped with plain tofu and a glass noodle veggie stir fry. I forgot to take pictures – sorry!
Evening: When I got back “home” to the pool house I had some dark chocolate and peppermint tea with Gary.

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