What Vegans Eat – Day 1336


Breakfast: On Monday’s Gary has acting class. He had prepared some Steel Cut Oats with Raisins and Pears yesterday while I was at my mom’s and he let it solidify in a baking pan so it could be sliced. I had some dusted with Flax Seeds for my first meal of the day. It was like bread pudding, so yummy.

Dinner: I started some Pinto Beans soaking in the morning and then cooked them for dinner along with some tricolor Quinoa. The sides consisted of Black Olives, Chopped Red Onion and Guacamole. There were a couple of pieces of Butternut Squash leftover from yesterday that we thought we’d save for dessert but there was no room in our bellies for them. They went back in the refrigerator.

Evening: It seemed like a good time to celebrate life and I suggested we have some beer. Gary went for his Anchor Steam and I had a glass of Samuel Smith’s Chocolate Stout.

Later on I was craving Spinach. How does that happen? I had to have it. Fortunately we had 1/2 bag in the freezer. I cooked it and ate it all.


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