What Vegans Eat – Day 1351


Breakfast: We got up at 4am. Everything was packed and ready to go. We finished up a little cooked Steel Cut Oats cereal that was leftover. A couple of hours later, at the airport, I had an apple. I wasn’t hungry really, but my sleep rhythm was off and eating a crunchy, juicy apple seemed like a nice idea. On the plane, we finished up the leftovers we brought with us – Celery and Carrot Sticks, Corn Tortillas, Baked Tofu and Steamed Kale. It was really good!

Lunch: We landed in San Francisco and headed in the direction of Walnut Creek to visit with Gary’s niece who had a baby recently. Gary’s sister was there too. We all went out to a Vietnamese restaurant and started with Tofu Rolls.

Gary had a Tofu and Vegetable dish with Brown Rice.

I had a Tofu dish with Mushrooms and Onions.

Dinner: Our next stop was in San Francisco to see my friend Nancy and her family. We stopped in Berkeley at 100% Pure for me to pick up some vegan mascara. It had been Nancy’s birthday recently so we wanted to see if we could find a vegan cake nearby. Right down the street was Timeless Coffee. They are an all vegan bakery! They had some gorgeous cakes, cookies, danishes and chocolates. We chose a gluten-free vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake. When we got to Nancy’s it was decided we would order in Japanese food. We had Avocado Maki, Edamame, Gomae Salad (Spinach with Sesame Sauce, omitting the Bonito flakes) and Sunomono Salad (Cucumber and Wakame in a Vinegar Sauce)

The Pumpkin Cheesecake was exceptionally good.


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